Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In meditation.........

Teaching tailoring skills

Gardening work.......

Learning functional academics....

Young special children helping at kitchen......

Preparing A4 size envelope covers........

Sulochanamma, Dasu, Bibijaan,Srinivasulu and preparing envelopes

He is mr.Ramachandra, completed B.A. B.Ed successfully. But because of his polio disability he couldnt get suitable post. With that depression and along with family problems he decided to committ suicide. But before that he did a good thing that he has written a letter to human rights commission, requesting them to give permission to die. After 9 months he couldnt get reply from human rights commission.Then he had openly given statement in TELUGU DAILY PAPER CALLED "EENADU"that "LET ME LIVE OR LET ME DIE "{ AADUKONDE LEDA CHAVANIVVANDE (in telugu version)} `in the month of december 21st and22nd 2006. Then immediately i went to that particular village called THETTU HARIJANAVADA near madanapally, chittoor dist. and as a psychologist i have given proper councelling to him, after councelling he immediately decided to work with our abhaya kshethram ashram. Recently he got married with another hearing impaired lady.This a love marriage At present he is working as a special teacher and she is working as cook at our ashram. Both are happly associating with our special children.This is what we are expecting from them and they are proving them selves as very much useful citizens in the society.


Now i can introduce her as Mrs.Ramachandra why because she is in love with him for the past 8 years both are residing in the same village called Thettu Harijanavada .Finally she succeeded to marry him. Her name is Bharathi. She has studied upto 10th class. She has one ear hearing problem, even then she dont feel that she has that problem.Before marriage I have given councelling to both of them.But they decided to share their rest of their lifes like wife and husband. Then we arranged a marriage party at our ashram with our wellwishers and special childrens.All our participents enjoyed their marriage because we celebrated differently.Now she is taking care of ashram kitchen.


She is lakshmi 25 yearsold she herself is affected by slight polio. She has a brother of severly affected with polio.Her brother name is shanker aged 35years .Now both are residentially doing service to the other type of special children at ashram.Lakshmi's daily activities are 1} Helping to young mentally retarded girls daily activities like bathing,dressing, buttening, grooming etc.,2} Regularly giving medicines to those who required medicines.3} Helping at kitchen activities if requires.4} During class timings she is helping to class teacher in teaching methods. Anyway she is an asset to our ashram

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


She is nearly 83 years old. she is very interesting recent admission in our ashram lastmonth she admitted one of our wellwisher dr rameshbabu who is giving free homoeo medicines as well as treating and doing regular checkup to our ashram one day he was seen one old lady sleeping on centre of the road and narrowly she missed an accident then immediately dr rameshbabu brought her in to ashram by that time even she dont have properdress also then immediately we changed her dress 3 days our ashram people couldnt sleepat all because of her violent behaviour . lateron we have given proper medication with the help of psychiatry medicines . now she is alright and recently she did vinayakachavithi pooja and praver etc., actually her daily activity is morning and evening doing prayer with our special children .she knows kannada tamil very flluently weare happy with her and she also verymuch happy with our ashram mates. still we dont know who is she? and where from she has come ? any way she has given an opportunity to do service to her for that we are verymuch greatful.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


manjula is 28 years old. she is paraplegic..half of the body was paralysed and she is visually impaired and with mild mental retardation. At present now she is helping at kitchen, taking care of other young special children and also draws some simple drawings on greeting cards....she is happy with her activities.Daily activities are doing her selfhelp skills independently and attending few hours for physio and occupational therapy. participating in cultural and indoor games also. When we compare with her previous problems she has significant improvement in her performance.


Savithri is 18 years old. she lost her mother and used to live with her two brothers and father, all of them are daily labourers. Medical professionals diogniged her problem as "DOWNS SYNDROME".So she will be alone all the 12 hours at home and so no socialisation, neither moral nor physical support from any body. She doesnt know anything and just acts like a doll. After admitting here now she has improved with in 6 months in all aspects. Now she is giving cultural performance and speaking to fellow children, that is what we are expecting from her and she is progressive.


Sukumar is mentally retarded with motor and speech problems. He is 22 years old. His widow mother after spending money on homeopathy and allopathic medication, finally decided to join in Abhaya Kshethram for special education. He requires special education, speech theraphy and physiotheraphy. At present he is walking diffcultly with support and express his needs through few sounds.


multiple problems mentally retarded and visually impaired child whose name is nandhini aged 1o years. guardians lost their hope after there was no improvement in her condition after medical treatment. however, with the counselling to guardians and with special education intervention now she is improved little . the efforts done by our team really they deserve appreciation

before join the institution her condition was 1.very agressive hyperactive with that result tearing clothes everyday and beating other fellow children 2.not cooperating at any skills ex. while bathing dressing eating etc., 3.she is very poor in even self helpskills.,

present condition is she is cooperating with special teachers for sometime and not that much agressive like earlier tearing dresses also some what better if we monitor very closely 24hours she requires attention now somewhat better when we compare with past history.

daily now she will attend for physiotherapy,speech therapy, and for some time for play therapy ,special-education, this is her daily activities ingeneral with the help of one residential aya and specially trained teacher is taking care of her.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


There are few institutions providing residential care and training to the orphan special persons(mentally challenged,visually impaired,hearing impaired, locomotor impaired). ABHAYA KSHETHRAM has been conceived to rehabilitate these special persons.The institution was registered and established on 2007 on the ocassion of Mother Theresa birthday.The feeling of wanted is imbibed in the residence.There is gradual trasnsformation in them.The institution accepts all age groups of special persons with no sexbar and another speciality of this institution is those who are working with them are also special persons, because they are the persons who knows how to deal with the special category of persons in a better way,the another specialtity of the institution is not depending on any governement support.T he idea of this description is to appeal to the public to extend their helping hand to the efforts of ABHAYA KSHETHRAM.